Sukhi Hotu Buddhist Book Shop

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Step into Sukhi Hotu Buddhist book shop and you will be entering an oasis of peace and calm, surrounded by Buddha statues and melodic chimes.

Located on Gottlieb Road, opposite the Penang Chinese Girl’s High School, Sukhi Hotu is primarily a bookshop selling an interesting range of books including a huge selection of Buddhist books as well as self-help, psychology, philosophy, motivation and health.

Bookshop Penang

Bookshop Penang

Find gifts and souvenirs such as posters, bookmarks, t-shirts, stickers and other items which have meaningful messages on them. There are also “new-age” items including aromatherapy products, floating candles, incense and ambient music CD’s.

Bookshop Penang

Create a beautiful and relaxing home with meditation mats and cushions, Buddha images, paintings and wind chimes.

Bookshop Penang

Sukhi Hotu state that their mission is “towards the path of nurturing mental peace and physical well-being” and soaking up the atmosphere of the shop certainly is a start.

Located at:

1-T Jalan Gottlieb, 10350 Penang. Tel: 04-229-4811. Open: Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 7pm and Sunday 10am to 5pm. Closed: Monday and Public Holidays.





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