Etanzo – Cruelty Free Handbags

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Penang is not generally known for its arts and craft movement, but Eugene Lim is hoping to change that with his range of cruelty free handbags called Etanzo. Not only are his bags stylish and fashionable, but are not made from any animal-derived materials like leather, suede, fur or wool.

You may have seen Eugene Lim around Penang selling his unique homemade handbags. Eugene, a former fashion designer, is hard to miss with his “blue eyes” and orange tinted hair. His business, Etanzo, started in 2011 and consists of a collection of bags made from different materials and prints such as baju kurung cloth, batik and canvas cotton.

Unique handmade handbags

When asked why he moved from fashion designing to making handbags, Eugene said: “These days fashion designing is expensive as the cost of fabric and manufacturing has gone up which pushes up the cost of clothing”. He was in Bangkok and looking at a bag and something just happened. This, it seems, was Eugene’s light bulb moment and like the creative person he is, set out to learn how to make handbags.

unique handmade handbags

What makes Eugene’s bags so unique? He mainly concentrates on using fabrics with only two to three colours and the stitching is always in brown as he likes the look. The bags also come in different shapes and sizes with different types and lengths of handle.

Eugene works alone from home which he says keeps his costs down. His bags can cost anything from RM70 to RM200 according to size.

unique handmade handbags

Check out Eugene’s range of cruelty free handbags at Straits Quay during the first week of the month and at the Little Penang Street Market on the last Sunday of the month. He can also make bags to order.

Contact Eugene on handphone number: 016-431-2982 or email: eugenelim2u



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