Kimberly Yeap, Yoga Teacher – Car Porch Yoga

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Kimberly Yeap, also known as Kimberly Street, yes, after the street in Penang, teaches small cosy classes from her car porch, surrounded by fresh air and green plants. She has been passionate about yoga for many years and shares her story with you in the hopes that it will inspire others on their yoga journey.


What started you on your yoga path?

I started yoga without knowing what yoga was.  As a kid, I saw my uncle practicing the Surya Namaskar and then keeping still in “weird” looking postures. I started mimicking him.  Decades later, friends kept on mentioning yoga and being curious as a cat, I started attending classes, finding out that those “weird” postures were actually part of yoga!

What made you decide to become a teacher and what is your training?

After years of practice under a few teachers, I felt that there was more to be discovered and felt ready to further develop my own personal yoga practice. I thought embarking on a teachers’ training course would be ideal for me.

I completed my 200 hours Yoga Teachers Training in “Alignment Vinyasa Flow” in year 2015 and registered with Yoga Alliance USA.  The training has given me a deeper understanding of applying human anatomy into the practice of basic to advanced asanas, teaching skills and hands on adjustments techniques.  I continually develop my teaching skills by attending workshops annually. My current teachers training in Aerial Yoga (year 2017) improves strength & flexibility, which carries over into daily activities.

What benefits have you personally experienced from yoga?

Yoga has benefited me both body and mind. I have experienced both physical and internal changes to my body after several months of diligent practice. My physical body has gained strength, flexibility and become leaner and healthier. Mentally I feel steady, stable and calm. 

What you have learned from teaching?

From my two years of teaching, I have learnt to be patient teaching a complete beginners’ class from scratch and feeling contented when students feel a sense of accomplishment.

What does yoga mean to you?

“Yoga is happiness” to me.  It is my hobby and passion as a teacher and a student of yoga.

What is your style of teaching and who is it suitable for?

I teach alignment based vinyasa yoga. This focuses on co-ordination of movements (linking a series of postures in a sequence) with the breath to flow from one pose to the next, integrating the principles of alignment. My classes are small and cosy so the students get more attention in a relaxed environment. I work with students of all ages and abilities.


Kimberly Yeap

Where are you located and when are your classes?
I am located near Island Glades. The classes are held in the evenings, three times a week. For more information you can contact me on 010-385-5840.

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