My Beauty Cottage Experience

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It’s always nice when a friend offers to do a review for you. Bernadette Ackman went along to My Beauty Cottage to have the hairs ripped out of her legs and lived to tell the tale of her hair-raising experience!

A relaxing leg wax I have always considered an oxymoron.  However my experience at “My Beauty Cottage” proved that having the hair ripped out of your legs can indeed be just that.

I made my appointment a couple of days earlier and arrived on time on the due date.  Iris my beautician sat me down and confirmed exactly what I was there for.  She then led me through to a beautifully appointed room complete with my very own teddy bear to watch over me.  I don’t quite understand why, but the decor is very English cottage with a touch of Paddington Bear thrown in.

my beauty cottage penang

I was asked to strip off and provided with a gown and paper undies to put on.  As I had never had to strip totally for a leg wax before I thought this was a little unusual.

Iris then asked me to sit on a chair while she washed and massaged my feet in a lovely warm bowl of water.  The reason for this short interlude before the serious hair stripping is two fold – hygiene and relaxation.

I then lay on the table – much the same as a massage table in any beauty salon – except that I was given a warm bag to place over my eyes and a lovely soft duvet covered me from head to foot.  As the air conditioning in this mall is pretty cool this was bliss.

Iris quickly and competently set above the waxing routine.  I am sure that I read somewhere that because the wax is organic it is not as hot as other waxes.  I didn’t find this to be the case – but the heat dispersed  pretty quickly.

With the calming music in the background, the warm mask over my eyes and the snuggly duvet, it was almost possible to fall asleep. When Iris had completed her tasks she massaged a lovely cream into my legs which made my skin feel super soft.

Before I left the massage table I got another little pampering surprise – a light massage of my neck and shoulders – bliss.

When I re-entered the reception area I was provided with a lovely cup of tea and some fruit.  The offering changes daily.  Iris then took me through a booklet of special deals available for My Beauty Cottage regulars.

Pros – Very relaxing process; clean and welcoming premises; well trained staff;

Cons – Expensive at RM206; did not like that they tried to get me to pay when I booked.  They waived this when I said I lived in Penang.

My Beauty Cottage specialises in skin care, and uses Eminence organic products produced in Hungary.  The salon is located on the 5th Floor of the new Gurney Paragon Mall. Phone 6014 3302188 and 604 2189322.

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