Lim Chun Chin – Chinese Medicine Physician

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Lim Chun ChinLim Chun Chin is a pharmacist and a Chinese medicine physician. He offers acupuncture, acupressure (tuina), Chinese herbs and detox programmes to benefit a variety of ailments. He is available for home visits. You may see him around at the Man Man market or Hin Bus Depot pop up market giving consultations.


Lim Chun Chin graduated from the University Science Malaysia and has been a practicing pharmacist for 24 years.

He later pursued a Chinese medicine diploma at the Penang Chinese Medical Research Institute and graduated from China Xiamen Medical College with a Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has been a lecturer at the Penang Chinese Medical Research Institute for 15 years and a Chinese medicine physician for 16 years.

After graduating as a pharmacist, Lim Chun Chin decided to study Chinese medicine because he found that although Western medication has its advantages, it was not sufficient in bringing overall health. He believes that with the use of natural therapies, the body can heal itself.

He can treat a variety of problems such as constipation, allergies and menstrual problems. He can also advise on nutrition and detox.

He does home visits, prescribing Chinese medication when needed. The charge for acupuncture is RM60 per session for 30 minutes. Chinese medication is RM56 per week in tablet form. (Prices shown are correct at time of writing and may be subject to change.

Lim Chun Chin can be contacted at 00612 451 3501. Email: [email protected] Facebook.



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