Chakra Yoga With Sarah Amin

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Sarah-Joy Amin runs Chakra Yoga classes in Pulau Tikus and the Botanic Gardens. What is Chakra Yoga and how can it help you? 

Chakra Yoga is based on the hatha yoga tradition whilst embracing the chakra system that works with the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. Chakras are the wheel-like energy centres of these subtle bodies, like batteries that charge up your energy system.

Chakra Yoga takes a holistic approach. You will exercise your physical body, engage in deep breathing to ensure good flow of oxygen and prana into your body and cells for better health, as well as be sensitive to your chakras to heal, balance and strengthen your outer and inner selves.


The classes combine hatha yoga postures with simple meditation and/or relaxation techniques. Beginner classes will focus more on feeling comfortable with the poses, developing flexibility and strength gradually, and on relaxation, while Intermediate classes will enjoy more flow moving from one pose to another, holding poses for strength, balance, focus and greater flexibility. Modified postures will be shown for those without a yoga background or have physical injuries.


About Sarah-Joy

Chakra YogaSarah-Joy was introduced to yoga during her adolescent years and resumed her yoga practice in Jan 2010 after almost two decades of spinal injuries. In Dececember 2013 she completed the 108 hour Yoga for Healers course

Sarah-Joy is committed to yoga for she has seen how the practice has helped her through critical periods coping with physical injuries as well as healing deep emotional stresses. It has also opened her to a range of spiritual practices that respect multiple traditions. She is sensitive to students with special needs, especially those with back, shoulder and neck pains.

She has been trained in the Chakra Yoga tradition at the Pyramid Yoga School in Thailand, qualifying for the 300 hour yoga teacher training certificate in April 2013.

You can contact at [email protected] or check out her website – Transform With Sarah-Joy.


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