Top 20 Vegetarian Eateries in Penang 2015

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The veggie food scene in Penang is ever growing and it’s always exciting to see new vegetarian eateries in Penang opening. A survey was posted on the Penang Vegetarians Facebook group to ask members what their favourite vegetarian eateries were in 2015. 

There were just three questions. The first question asked was “Are you a vegetarian?” The majority of respondents were vegetarian (73%), non-vegetarians (15%) and 12% saying they were thinking about becoming vegetarian. It’s nice to know that non-vegetarians enjoy eating at vegetarian restaurants.

Veggie Faves

Top veggie eateries in Penang

The second question asked was “How often do you eat out at a vegetarian eatery?” Given that eating out is huge part of Malaysian culture, the results were not surprising. 35% said that they ate out three to five times a week, 30% every day, 27% once a week and 8% said they rarely ate out.

The third and main question was “What is your favourite vegetarian eatery?”. The list consisted of vegetarian eateries that people had indicated were their favourites in a post on Penang Vegetarians Facebook page. There was also the option to add others not already mentioned.

Here are the top 20 vegetarian eateries in Penang in 2015 according to the results survey.

  1. Sushi Kitchen (any branch)
  2. Idealite (any branch)
  3. Xiang Yun Vegetarian
  4. Luk Yea Yan
  5. Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie
  6. Zenxin Vegetarian
  7. Seed Natural Food Cafe
  8. Janxden Greenlife (any branch)
  9. Annalakshmi
  10. The Leaf Healthy House
  11. Coya Healthy Cuisine
  12. G Garden
  13. Brown Poodle
  14. Bock Garden
  15. Vegetarian Kitchen
  16. Yun Shan Ge Vege
  17. Thali Vegetarian Cafe
  18. Journey2Life
  19. Evergreen
  20. Mama Vege

This survey was done just out of interest and is by no means a definitive list. There were only 119 respondents and a bigger survey may offer different results. However, it gives people an idea of where people like to eat in Penang.

To find out more details about these vegetarian eateries in Penang and others, check out A trip Around vegetarian Penang – Part One (George Town and the north of Penang) and A trip around vegetarian Penang – Part Two (the south part and mainland Penang).

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