The success of Penang Spirit relies on the contributions of people who are interested in a healthy, holistic and green lifestyle. A big thank you is given to the contributors mentioned below.

Ken Morgan

Ken MorganKen has had a long and varied career. He started out in computer programming, but his interest in spiritual practices, martial arts and natural therapies changed his career path. He has trained in polarity therapy, homeopathy, wing chun kung fu, tai chi and yoga. He also has a degree in TCM Acupuncture and he and his wife, Suzanne, ran their own acupuncture clinic before moving to Penang.

Ken is a student of medical qigong, especially Wild Goose Qigong, having trained extensively with Dr. Bingkun Hu, a medical qigong master and qigong therapist. In 2007, he went to China for an 18 day qigong study tour. The group was led by qigong master Simon Blow who taught the Eight Brocades qigong (Baduanjin). Dr. Xu Hongtao taught Guigan Qigong, a system developed by himself. The training was certified by the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong.  Read his article Qigong: for mind, body and spirit. If you’re interested in qigong, check out Ken’s medical qigong website.

Pamela Nowicka

pamelaPamela Nowicka is Penang Spirit’s Green Guru. She is a journalist, film-maker and activist and has been campaigning and writing on social justice and environmental issues for many years. She is particularly interested in the direct connection between western consumer lifestyle, the increasing rich/poor gap and the destruction of the planet. She is the author of the No Nonsense Guide To Tourism. She lives in Penang with her four cats. Read her article on what is eco.

Claire Firth

Penang Hill HikingClaire moved to Penang nearly three years ago and lives happily here with her husband, two children and two dogs. She likes to keep fit and active, and loves the outdoors.

She enjoys walking her dogs on the beach, going to Bootcamp, running and hiking on Penang Hill. Read her article about the Penang Hill hiking group.

Jo Bradnam

Jo lives in Penang with her husband, three daughters and cat. A former nurse, she took up running over 10 years ago. Her love for exercise sees her at Warrior Bootcamp three times a week and running at least twice a week. As a result Jo is extremely strong and fit. She came 10th in the 2013 17km Malakoff run in the senior women’s veteran category. Read her article about her favourite place to run.














































































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