A Trip To Queensbay Mall Penang

For those who are not fans of shopping malls or live north of the island, Queensbay Mall might not be on your to do list. So for the sake of research for Penang Spirit, Suzanne Morgan took a trip to Queensbay Mall and was pleasantly surprised by what it had to offer.

Queensbay Mall is located in Bayan Lepas, close to Penang Bridge and is currently Continue reading

Green Your Wardrobe With Eco-Friendly Fashion

shopping bagsJust like fast food there is fast fashion, where the price of clothing is so cheap that it is quickly disposed of when the next “must-have” arrives. When out shopping, who really thinks about what goes into making a garment as well as its environmental impact?

What do you do if you love fashion, but are also concerned about the environment? The answer is to green your wardrobe. Ideally you would make do and mend the clothing you already have. Or perhaps you can buy pre-loved items from secondhand shops, flea markets and clothes swaps and give them a new lease of life. The other option is to buy eco-friendly fashion. Continue reading

Organic Food Stores in Pulau Tikus

For a small island, Penang has a surprising number of organic food stores. Even more surprising is that quite a few are centred around the Pulau Tikus area offering a huge variety of fruit, veg, groceries, personal and household products.

A popular place for people to buy their fruit and veg is the Pulau Tikus wet market on Jalan Pasar. Open from early morning to about lunch time, this is where we found the first organic food store. Continue reading