Save Elephants, Get Fit and Save Money!!!

Penang SpiritPenang Spirit’s Green Guru, Pamela Nowicka, discusses getting healthier, fitter, saving elephants and the planet.

The other day I was chatting with a friend, Sarah. “My kids are doing a project on global warming, and my son said he was worried there wouldn’t be any elephants left for his children to see. I’m so angry…but what can I do?” Continue reading

The Green Reaper

Pamela Nowicka asks the question whether living greener makes life worse? Does doing things differently mean losing the things we enjoy? Or can it give huge benefits?

As responsible adults who’ve done our bit for society, working, bringing up kids, paying taxes, sometimes it’s possible to feel that we don’t need to do any more. Continue reading

What Is this Thing called Eco?

Pamela Nowicka PenangWhat is this thing called ‘eco’? It’s a term that means different things to different people. Pamela Nowicka, Penang Spirit’s Green Guru, gives a beginners guide to what the term ‘eco’ really means.

At a presentation the other day, to which I’d been lured by the usual green/tourism/ eco-friendly buzzwords Continue reading

Car Free Sunday in Penang

It’s not often that you can experience streets free of traffic in Penang, but you can on Car Free Sunday. As part of its cleaner and greener campaign, The Penang State Government has introduced Car Free Sunday in certain parts of Georgetown. The campaign was launched on 11th December 2011 by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and incorporates stretches of roads within the heritage core zone. Continue reading