Exercising the Eastern Way – Qigong, T’ai Chi and Yoga

There are so many opportunities for keeping fit and healthy in Penang that you can be spoiled for choice. Favourites of Penangites and expats include hiking, walking, running, cycling, golf, swimming and military style boot camp. These are all excellent forms of exercise, but what about the more traditional forms of health and fitness that living in Asia has to offer? Continue reading

Qigong: For Mind, Body and Spirit

Qigong (pronounced chee-gung) is the Chinese art of cultivating life energy. The word is also sometimes written in English as “Chi kung” or Chi gung”. Read this article written by Ken Morgan to find out more.

Qi is the Chinese for life energy or vital energy. The idea of qi is a fundamental concept in Chinese Medicine. Qi is the vital force that activates every function and drives every process in the human body. Continue reading