Terra Farm Veggie Box

You don’t have to go far to get fresh organic vegetables as Terra Farm in the Cameron Highlands, deliver to various points in Penang.

Terra Farm is located at Lojing Highlands which is about 20 minutes from Blue Valley in the Cameron Highlands. It has taken organic agriculture to new heights and now embraces biodynamic farming, a new concept in Malaysia.

Biodynamics is an eco/spiritual/ethical approach to farming where farmers Continue reading

A Trip To Queensbay Mall Penang

For those who are not fans of shopping malls or live north of the island, Queensbay Mall might not be on your to do list. So for the sake of research for Penang Spirit, Suzanne Morgan took a trip to Queensbay Mall and was pleasantly surprised by what it had to offer.

Queensbay Mall is located in Bayan Lepas, close to Penang Bridge and is currently Continue reading

Health Food Shops in Penang

Looking for organic health food shops in Penang?

The organic food movement is growing in Penang as more and more people are concerned with the safety of food and everyday products.

There are an ever growing number of health food shops in Penang, selling a wide-range of organic fresh food, grocery items, personal and skin care products as well as household products. Check out one near you. Continue reading

Organic Food Stores in Pulau Tikus

For a small island, Penang has a surprising number of organic food stores. Even more surprising is that quite a few are centred around the Pulau Tikus area offering a huge variety of fruit, veg, groceries, personal and household products.

A popular place for people to buy their fruit and veg is the Pulau Tikus wet market on Jalan Pasar. Open from early morning to about lunch time, this is where we found the first organic food store. Continue reading

Edgecumbe Retreat: An Oasis of Calm

Edgecumbe Retreat, an oasis of calm where you can eat, drink and be beautified.

Edgecumbe retreat is a tranquil enclave within the city and it certainly is an oasis of calm. Located in a quiet residential street behind the busy Kelawei Road close to the Gurney Hotel, the Edgecumbe Retreat offers spa and beauty treatments, an organic shop and cafe. Continue reading