Penang Vegetarian Meetup Group

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Join the Penang Vegetarian Meetup Group if you want to meet a group of like-minded people and experience the great veggie food in Penang.

The Penang Vegetarian Meetup Group was created primarily as a social gathering for people who have adopted a vegetarian or vegan diet. However, the group also warmly welcomes people who are interested in finding out more about vegetarian food and a healthier lifestyle.

Penang may be a small island, but it offers many different cuisines and now there is a vibrant vegetarian food scene. There are so many veggie eateries to choose from serving Chinese, Indian, Malay and Western food.

The group meets at different vegetarian restaurants for lunch once a month to eat, chat, make friends and above all, have fun. Additionally, special events such as pot lucks, film showings and trips will be organised. They have been growing from strength to strength since they started in May 2013 and now regularly get about 20 people at each event.

Penang Vegetarians

The Penang Vegetarian Meetup Group is non-religious and anyone who is passionate about eating an animal-free diet is most welcome.

To join the Penang Vegetarian Meetup Group, all you need to do is join the Penang Vegetarians Facebook page and you will be kept informed of upcoming events. If you are not on Facebook, then you can contact [email protected] to ask to be put on their mailing list.

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4 thoughts on “Penang Vegetarian Meetup Group

  1. Please add me in your Penang Veg Meet up group, I’m trying to turn vegetarian but with little success and the corners of my mouth will turn purplish. So, in 2014, I’m hoping to learn from this group to make my transition a success. Thanks for helping.

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