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Welcome to Penang Spirit, your connection to a healthy, holistic and eco-friendly/green lifestyle in Penang, Malaysia.

The vision of Penang Spirit is to be a resource for everything healthy, holistic and eco-friendly in Penang.

Living a healthy and holistic lifestyle means that you live your life in harmony with your body, mind and spirit as well as the environment. Eating healthy and nutritious foods and exercising regularly help keep your body in a balanced and harmonious state.

Eating Healthily

Penang may be a small island famous for its variety of cuisines, but it’s also becoming well-known for the large choice of vegetarian food available. There are many excellent vegetarian restaurants and food stalls to choose from.

Penang Spirit

Some of the best vegetarian food in Penang


Be amazed at how many health foods shops and supermarkets there are where you can buy fresh organic veggies, organic products, natural skincare and eco-friendly household items. There is even an organic farmers market at Straits Quay on the third Sunday of the month.

Penang Spirit

Evening Organic Farmers Market, Straits Quay

Keeping Fit

Keeping fit in Penang is easy, although the hot and humid weather can prove a challenge. You can find tai chi, qigong and yoga classes. You can go hiking up Penang Hill, walk or run in the Botanic Gardens or Youth Park, cycle, play golf, workout in the gym and much more. You can also join a Bootcamp group for some serious exercise.

Yoga in the Botanic Gardens

Exercising, especially outdoors in a natural environment, has proven to have a positive effect not only physically, but mentally.  If you want to make new friends whilst exercising, then you can join one of the many free fitness groups in Penang such as the Monday Morning Hiking Group and the Tuesday Morning Running Group.

Alternative Therapies

If you’re feeling stressed or are unwell, there are many complementary and alternative therapies you can try such as massage, reflexology, acupuncture, osteopathy, and traditional Chinese Medicine.

Green Lifestyle

Living in harmony with the environment means that you try and limit your usage of the earth’s precious resources. Living an eco-friendly and green lifestyle is simple. Penang Spirit will show you where you can buy eco-friendly and energy saving products, involve yourself in green activities, re-use and recycle.

Penang is actively working towards a cleaner, greener state and improving quality of life. Go along to car-free Sunday around the Beach Street area between 7am to 1pm. In conjunction with car-free Sunday there is the Occupy Beach Street project with exciting activities and events.

About Penang

Penang has long been a popular tropical holiday destination, with first class beach resorts and unique city boutique hotels. All this, combined with year round sunshine.

George Town, the capital, was given UNESCO world heritage status in 2007 and is hard at work to preserve many of its beautiful heritage buildings and sites. George Town also hosts the annual George Town Festival, a month long festival of arts and entertainment.

Not only is Penang a popular tourist destination, Kiplinger, a US based personal finance and business forecasting publication named Penang as one of the top eight great places for foreigners to retire to (Feb 2013).

With incentives such as the Malaysia My Second Home Program (MM2H), cheaper cost of living, great food, climate and healthcare, thousands of people have taken advantage of this long-term visa.

Penang has it all, beaches, sea, great food, shopping, sightseeing and some amazing parks and forests where people can get close to nature. You can also try Malaysia’s famous durian during the season. If you spend any time in Penang you will start to see its amazing spirit. Being a melting pot of different cultures and religions, Penang embraces wholeheartedly different festivals and celebrations all year round.

Penang Spirit

Durians in Balik Pulau

However, if you look a little deeper, you will see that Penang has much to offer for people who are interested in a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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