Warrior Bootcamp Penang

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Feeling stressed or depressed? Get to Warrior Bootcamp Penang and feel on top of the world.

According to researchers at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, getting out of doors into a natural environment can reduce the risk of suffering from poor mental health. Exercising in green spaces like parks and forests seems to make people feel much better than in indoor environments such as gyms.

Exercising outdoors just once a week could be enough to see a positive benefit. Of course, more than once a week is even better. This is why you will find Suzanne Morgan at Straits Quay at 8.30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for Warrior Bootcamp Penang.

Warrior Bootcamp is the brainchild of Conor McManus, former Military Special Forces and qualified military physical training instructor. Conor and his other instructors put bootcampers through a grueling hour of high intensity interval training, circuits, and combat running – not all in the same session!

The bootcamp training is not an easy exercise option: it’s designed to build physical and mental fitness. The instructors help to motivate and encourage you towards this aim. Even if you are unfit to begin with, after a few months you will definitely see positive changes.

Warrior Bootcamp

After being unfit, overweight and over fifty when she first started bootcamp, Suzanne says that she is now fitter, faster and stronger physically and mentally than many people half her age. “I even ran a 7km race recently without stopping – a real achievement.”

Warrior Bootcamp

Morning classes are held at Straits Quay, and evening classes are held in the natural environment of the youth park and botanical gardens as well as other locations.

To become a fitness warrior, come along and join a fun and motivating group of people of all ages in an outdoor environment and feel on top of the world. You also get a very nice red T-shirt.

Warrior Bootcamp

Check out Warrior Bootcamp’s website to find your nearest location.



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