Inner Dance and Energy Healing with Sarah Amin

Sarah-Joy Amin  is a very gifted yoga teacher and inner dance/energy healer. She is now offering inner dance and energy healing private sessions.

Feeling stuck? Repeated mental and emotional challenges? Unable to let go of the past or to find solutions to repeated deep seated issues and life’s cross roads? Consider an Inner Dance healing session that combines energy work with personal insight and empowerment to take charge of your own healing process and start the wheels of change. Continue reading

Living a Healthy and Holistic Lifestyle in Penang

To live a healthy and holistic lifestyle means living in harmony with your body, mind and spiritual beliefs as well as the environment and realising that everything is connected.

Suzanne Morgan takes you on a holistic journey around Penang to find out where you can nourish body, mind and spirit. Continue reading

KQ Naturopathic Centre

KQ Naturopathic Medicare CentreKQ Naturopathic Centre is located in a quiet residential area in Pulau Tikus. Established in 2012, KQ promote healing through naturopathy.

KQ Naturopathic Centre is located in a corner house, in a quiet residential area, opposite a local park, with parking for up to 6 cars. Continue reading

Chakra Yoga With Sarah Amin

Sarah-Joy Amin runs Chakra Yoga classes in Pulau Tikus and the Botanic Gardens. What is Chakra Yoga and how can it help you? 

Chakra Yoga is based on the hatha yoga tradition whilst embracing the chakra system that works with the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. Chakras are the wheel-like energy centres of these subtle bodies, like batteries that charge up your energy system. Continue reading

Free Fitness Meet Up Groups in Penang

When it comes to keeping fit and healthy, you don’t have to take out expensive gym memberships or buy costly equipment. There are a few fitness meet up groups in Penang where it is free to join and apart from perhaps a pair of good training shoes, no other equipment is required. Continue reading

My Beauty Cottage Experience

It’s always nice when a friend offers to do a review for you. Bernadette Ackman went along to My Beauty Cottage to have the hairs ripped out of her legs and lived to tell the tale of her hair-raising experience!

A relaxing leg wax I have always considered an oxymoron.  However my experience at “My Beauty Cottage” proved that having the hair ripped out of your legs can indeed be just that. Continue reading

Organic Hair Salons in Penang

If you are concerned about the long-term use of synthetic hair dyes, you can have your hair colored at one of the organic hair salons available in Penang

Why use organic hair dye?

Most hair dyes contain potentially harmful ingredients such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, coal-tar and parabens. These toxic chemicals can lead to allergic Continue reading

Exercising the Eastern Way – Qigong, T’ai Chi and Yoga

There are so many opportunities for keeping fit and healthy in Penang that you can be spoiled for choice. Favourites of Penangites and expats include hiking, walking, running, cycling, golf, swimming and military style boot camp. These are all excellent forms of exercise, but what about the more traditional forms of health and fitness that living in Asia has to offer? Continue reading